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New report reveals the essential salary and benefits trends to watch for in 2023

According to a new employer survey, most workers can expect to see their paychecks growing next year. Here are some salary predictions for 2023.

The Pros and Cons of Salary Transparency in the Workplace

Some Human Resources experts believe that salary transparency poisons the workplace atmosphere, while others feel that sharing wage information leads to greater equity.

Is taking a sabbatical leave from work an option for you?

A sabbatical is a kind of time off some companies include in their policies and perks as recruitment and retention strategies for attracting workers.

How to answer 'What are your salary expectations?' in a job interview

Salary negotiations begin during the job interview when the employer asks you what your salary expectations are. Here's how you answer the question.

How to negotiate your job offer for a remote position

Don't leave money on the table. Here are three strategies you can use to give yourself an advantage when negotiating an offer for a remote job.

Some tax implications to keep in mind for people working remotely in Canada

Working remotely in Canada can have an impact on how you pay your taxes. Here are several working situations to keep in mind when you file your tax return.

Should you be paid less based on where you live? The ins and outs of location-based pay

The pandemic has changed the way we work and some employers are rethinking the way employees are compensated. The pros and cons of location-based pay.

How to use your company's employee benefits package to support diversity and inclusion

Companies hoping to hire diverse candidates should be open to offering diverse benefits, as job seekers from a variety of cultures will have different needs.

The pandemic has worsened the gender wage gap. What now?

The gender pay gap hasn't lessened in the last two years. This is bad news for women all over. What can be done about it and what's behind this stagnation?

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