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How artificial intelligence is driving diversity in recruitment

Increasingly, companies are turning to technological solutions such as artificial intelligence (AI) to eliminate bias from hiring and increase workplace diversity.

HR leaders reveal their biggest concerns for 2023

Wage pressure, talent shortages, and budget cuts are all among the biggest worries that HR professionals say will be top of mind for 2023.

Women’s career ambitions impacted by the quality of their sleep, study reveals

A new study has found that, for women particularly, the quality of your sleep can impact your drive to advance in your career.

New research indicates a growing gap between young workers' expectations and workplace demands

New research has shown that there is a growing mismatch between what employers are offering and what the young talent they want to hire might be expecting.

Is 'quiet quitting' a viable career strategy? Here's what you need to know

What is the current trend of 'quiet quitting' and what impact can this strategy have on your career prospects?

Warning signs that you could be about to lose your job

Here are some indicators to watch at work for that cuts could be on the way and your employment situation might be at risk.

Here are the most Googled workplace dilemmas – and how to deal with them

Analysis of Google searches has revealed the the workplace worries and concerns that people struggle with the most. Here are some solutions.

The pros and cons for your career of staying loyal to your employer

There are advantages to changing jobs, but there are also benefits to sticking with your employer and showing loyalty to one company.

Bringing your pet to work: a fetching idea or a flop?

Having a pet-friendly workplace can reduce stress and increase employee communication. Is inviting dogs and cats into the office a clear win for employers and staff?

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