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The keys to finding your next job on a job search website

The internet has made it very easy to find open job postings and to apply for jobs online. Of course, simply having access to want ads doesn't lead automatically to job offers. You have to use the resources and opportunities available to make a successful career move.
Here is how to get the most out of using an online job search website

Job boards and career websites offer an efficient way to assess the job market and see who is currently hiring in your region. The best of these job search sites, such as, also offer you career advice and tools for making your job search easier and more successful.

You can gain valuable insights from reading online job postings. At a high level, you can see which companies are hiring, which industries are offering the most opportunities, how the job market is performing, and which job titles or types of roles are currently the most in-demand.

Carefully reading the online postings for jobs in your field can let you know what skills, credentials, and levels of experience employers are looking for from candidates like you. This information can be valuable when it comes to tailoring your resume to the specific needs of the job you are applying for. You should also carefully match the language you use to describe your skills and experience with the phrases and words used in the job postings. Many companies use software to screen applications for specific keywords and filter out resumes that do not contain them. Mimicking the phrasing used in the job postings increases your chances of matching the scanned keywords and getting your application passed through the software filters.

Find the latest jobs

Because the internet is a responsive, real-time media, unlike printed publications that tend to come out daily, weekly, or even less frequently, new jobs are always appearing online. When actively seeking employment, this gives you access to the latest job opportunities in your field.

Staying on top of new job postings can give you an advantage because the candidates who apply earlier are more likely to have their resumes reviewed by hiring professionals. The internet makes it so easy for candidates to apply for jobs that employers routinely receive many more applications than they have time to read through. So, once they have found a short list of viable candidates to interview, employers usually stop reviewing applications unless none of the first batch selected works out.

Keep up with job search trends

Many people were taught in school that their resumes had to fit on a single page. Cover letters often opened with phrases such as 'to whom it may concern….' Neither of these practices is considered strategic for a modern job search. Career websites like and others offer an up-to-date source for the latest career advice, insights, and trends to give you every advantage in your job search.

For example, COVID-19 saw a huge uptake in online video platforms for interviewing candidates. Preparing and performing at your best in a video job interview can be different from a traditional face-to-face meeting. Negotiating job offers has also changed post-COVID, with hybrid and remote working arrangements and workplace safety policies now becoming more important issues.

Speaking of negotiations, reviewing online job postings and using salary search tools provided by job search websites can help you know your worth when discussing salary expectations with potential employers.

Automate and organize your job search

Most job search websites will also allow you to save your job search criteria and opt-in to be notified by email when new jobs that match what you are looking for are posted online. You can easily search for the kind of job you want, full-time or part-time, in your field of work, at your career level, remote or within a certain proximity to where you live, and then save those details. Then be sure to check your email regularly, something that most people do anyway, to stay informed about new opportunities becoming available that are relevant for you.

You can also save jobs in your account to apply once you have taken the time to prepare your resume and cover letter and see a record of other jobs you have previously applied for through the platform.

Many types of online career resources

Job boards such as can provide you with a broad range of job opportunities and information for preparing your job search. There are also numerous industry-specific job sites that may provide a narrower focus of information and opportunities for your specific sector.

LinkedIn is a networking platform that allows you to keep in touch with former coworkers, connect with companies that interest you, and showcase a version of your resume online.

Employer review websites such as Glassdoor can provide you with self-reported insider information on workplace culture, management style, and salaries from current and former employees of companies.

For the most effective job search - the one that connects you with an interesting opportunity the fastest - you should leverage all of the tools available to you.

Ready to make your next career move? See the thousands of jobs posted on right now. The opportunity that takes your career to the next level could be just a few clicks away.

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